About Us

we are an uponcoming clothing company that tries to orient intself in getting customers high street fashion brands for affordable prices.

From Founder
I saw a gap in the market, analysed the profit margains on clothing and through connections was able to facilitate deals with distributers that allowed me to offer pricing below my competition.
Rainers Berzins
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Our Story
Creating a brand from scratch that facilitates high street fashion brands

You have to start with an excellent idea for a clothing line. The fashion industry is very competitive, and many products look similar. So if you want to compete and stand out, find your niche and your target audience and spend time building a creative new line your audience will love.

Building a brand doesn’t stop with creating a logo or slogan, or even with your brand awareness launch. Your brand needs to exist and remain consistent wherever your customers interact with you, from the theme you choose for your website, the marketing materials you produce, all the way to how you package and ship your products.


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