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The experience, he remembers, showed him that the world was far bigger than he had previously imagined, and nourished his already active imagination. “I couldn’t speak to people about my aspirations because I always thought they were too big for everyone around me,” the 22-year-old rapper recalls. “It’s a problem. Maybe it’s the system, but I always wanted to get out. And a lot of people don’t have that ability to want more for themselves.” After these trips, west London was too small for Central Cee.

In many ways, for a young person who feels disenfranchised and ignored, the ritual of going to a studio, recording and then hearing your own music back is a transformative experience. Cench had an aspiration of making music, and the act of actualising it was a huge moment. “I didn’t care about much when I was 14, I wasn’t even living at home back then,” he remembers. The period coincided with him moving around a lot, staying with friends – but music provided focus. “I was just thinking about music. I didn’t know how it worked. There weren’t any people for me to look to, so I had to create my own way and dreams.”

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